Body Wraps

If you have tried weight loss programs, exercise, or diet after diet and still have unwanted inches, cellulite or loose skin, then a body wrap is the answer.

These non-dehydrating body wraps can help give you the results that are typically achieved through surgery, face lifts or even 6-8 weeks at the gym – all without the cost or the recuperation time.

The Slendertone Body Wrap

If you have tried weight loss programs, exercise and diet after diet and still have unwanted inches, cellulite and loose skin, the body wrap is the answer.

It was invented by Victoria Morton nearly 30 years ago, and used by Hollywood celebrities who contact her when they need to slim down quickly for movie and television appearances.

Aging is accelerated by the accumulation of metabolic wastes and environmental poisons which cause lack of energy, wrinkles, cellulite and crepe skin. Looking younger is possible by simply freeing the body of this life long buildup.

While you are removing inches from your body, losing a double chin and tightening your skin with our body wrap, you are also cleansing yourself of these unwanted materials and removing years from your apparent age.

First you are measured prior to being wrapped. Then our trained Wrap Technicians will wrap you from head to toe with bandages that are specially soaked in the exclusive mineral wrap solution.

After an hour, you are unwrapped and measured again. We guarantee that you will lose 6-20 inches on your very first wrap, or your next wrap is FREE.

The Slendertone wraps gets awesome results and it’s great for trimming away those unwanted inches!

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The Anti-Aging Body Wrap

The anti-aging wrap is designed to not only take off inches, improve your figure, and slenderize your contour, but also to TAKE OFF YEARS! If you haven’t tried this new formula, you are in for a treat!

What results can be expected?

Clients have experienced the following: increased skin tightening, dramatic cellulite reduction, and inch loss in hard to reduce areas such as torso, hips & abdomen and thighs. Some have noticed additional inch loss the following day along with a feeling of being energized and refreshed.

Do you get better inch loss?
Inch loss is better or the same as with our SlenderTone™ Wrap. For clients that have already received several wraps, the Anti-Aging Wrap will act as a booster for additional inch loss.
Is there an inch loss guarantee?
Our present guarantee (6-20 inch loss on the first wrap) applies to a clients first wrap and the Anti-Aging Wrap is never used on a first-time client. One of our standard wraps (SlenderTone™ or Lipase) is used first and these do have the above guarantee.
Does it treat cellulite better?
Clients have noticed visible reduction in the appearance of cellulite after only one wrap.
Does it firm the face and facial wrinkles more?
Yes, this Wrap is excellent for tightening skin and may be used during a Face Taping Procedure, after you have had one or more face taping with the SlenderTone™ Solution.
Do the results continue to get better, or is this just a maintenance wrap?
As with the SlenderTone™ Wrap, a client should be wrapped once or twice a week, lose a pound a week and take the recommended supplements until they reach their desired body image. Then come in a few times a year for maintenance wraps and supplements. Anti-Aging Wraps should be alternated with SlenderTone™ Wraps every so often.

The Power Body Wrap

Following the long awaited launch of the Anti-Aging Wrap, Victoria surprised us again with another breakthrough formulation of The Body Wrap, The Power Body Wrap. Further investigative work at Suddenly Slender’s Research Group has yielded a new formula that not only rejuvenates the body in the same fashion as the Anti-Aging Wrap, it also obtains better inch-loss through the torso, smoothes the skin in a silky satin finish, AND leaves behind a dynamic reservoir of ENERGY! In fact, this powerful energy is so noticeable that our test clients practically named the new solution for us…they call it The Power Body Wrap!

The Fat Burning Body Wrap

This Lipase* Body Wrap (or Fat Burning Wrap) is performed in two stages back to back. This wrap is performed only on Clients that have already received our exclusive Slendertone mineral body wrap.

Step 1: Clients are wrapped with bandages soaked in an enzyme solution called “LIPASE”. Lipase is an enzyme produced naturally in the body that helps to break down fat (lipo). The patron is in this wrap for 30 minutes. Within this 30 minutes, we encourage light exercising, in order to promote circulation of the lipase solution throughout the body. Then, the client is unwrapped.

Step 2: Clients are then wrapped a second time with bandages soaked in the SlenderTone mineral solution. This is another 45-60 minute wrap. Again, light exercise is encouraged to promote an even greater inch loss. After the 45-60 minutes, the client is unwrapped. The SlenderTone mineral wrap has to be delivered following the lipase wrap.

The lipase wrap helps to break down some of the “hard fat tissue”, while the minerals in SlenderTone wrap help replenish minerals in the body and help tighten and firm the softer tissue. Clients will see amazing results after their first wrap.

*Lipase is a known homeopathic element that is defined as any class of enzymes that break down fat, produced by the liver, pancreas, and often digestive organs or by certain plants.

The Lay Down Wrap

Victoria Morton has been working for some years to create the “Dream Body” Lay Down Wrap , that actually provides benefits.

SHE SUCCEEDED! Unlike other “lay down” wraps that use chemicals and dehydrate the body, the “Dream Body” Lay Down Wrap uses natural minerals in the solution.

This mineral solution has been in continuous use for over 35 years, and used in over nine million wraps to date.

No camphor and no menthol. No herbs that can cause allergic reactions. Just the pure non-toxic solution working through the skin to help the body adjust itself to a trimmer, younger appearance.

Works with the Body Wrap…..

Suddenly Slender, The Body Wrap, and the “Dream Body” Lay Down Wrap , work together, each with its own purpose.

The Body Wrap visually tones and tightens the skin overall, and produces a more sculptured and slender appearance.

The “Dream Body” Lay Down Wrap is designed to adjust the appearance of the mid-section, giving a slimmer looking profile. It works with gravity differently from how The Body Wrap works, for maximum results.


  • Relaxing and Refreshing
  • Can be used by people with aching backs, knees or feet
  • Tension just melts away
  • Calms, energizes
  • Slimmer appearance

Body Wrap Facts

1. The Body Wrap is safe, healthful and relaxing.

2. The Body Wrap Solution has the ideal ph for body skin.

3. The Body Wrap firms body tissue and visibly tightens skin, especially after weight loss.

4. The Body Wrap lets you determine where to slenderize hips, thighs, abdomen, etc.

5. The Body Wrap is not a “water wrap” or “dehydration” process. Inches lost will not return as long as you do not gain weight and get in a few times a year for a maintenance wrap.

6. The Victoria Morton Process has been used in over 8,000,000 wraps and has taken more than 1,500 miles (in inches) off our clients worldwide!

How do I Prepare for a Body Wrap

  • Plan on 2½ hours for your first visit…3 – 3½ hours for 2 people.
  • Do not eat a large meal for at least 2 hours prior to the wrap. Eat what you would eat normally before a light workout.
  • Do not wear lotions or oils the day of the wrap.
  • Do drink water so you aren’t dehydrated.
  • Do plan to wear either a two-piece swim suit (non-slick) or panties (cotton) and bra (wireless, a sports bra will work fine, but a regular bra is preferable) during the wrap.
  • Men, please plan to wear either swimming trunks, colored underwear (preferably cotton), or white briefs with boxers.
    Clients have to bring dry undergarments to wear afterwards.


“Thank you for The Body Wrap! In just one month I am 36″ smaller, my body looks and feels great! My skin is much smoother and I have much more energy. Keep up the good work!” G. H.

“I would like to thank you and The Body Wrap for taking over 30″ off of my body in just three wraps. I see a definite improvement. Thanks again.” V. K.

“Pat and I just wanted to thank you for the experience of the body wrap. I was amazed to have lost almost 21 inches in just three wraps. The most significant loss was in my face and I have not gained it back. I was really happy about the loss in my waist and my legs and the “lift” on my buttocks…” B. B.

“When I first discovered The Body Wrap about 3 years ago, I had lost some weight – from 200 lbs. down to 179. Also, over this period my weight was down to 130 lbs. and never during the weight loss did my skin appear baggy or loose. I was very pleased with the smooth, toned appearance of my skin. I am very pleased with the results I have experienced and look forward to my wraps.” M. L.

“Today I tried on a pair of shorts that hadn’t fit me since 10th grade (that was 6 years ago) and they’re perfect now. The body wraps have transformed me from a size 7/8 or 9/10 to a size 5/6 or 3/4. I am 5′ 2” tall and weighed 119 lbs. when I began getting wrapped. I have not been dieting, but today weigh 114 lbs; I know that 5 lbs. is not a whole clothing size worth of loss. I can’t even express how exciting it is to shop for clothes and look in the mirrors at a figure that I still have trouble believing belongs to me. Not only do I look great, but I feel great. I have found that getting wrapped just before my period takes away the bloated feeling I always had for sometimes a week before. In other words, I feel like a human being every day of the month. I, for one, will get wrapped for the rest of my life. Thank you, your body wraps are nothing short of a miracle. “ M. B.

“I just found the simplest, greatest way to improve the health and beauty of my body. It makes so much sense and it’s so easy. I never thought I could reshape my body back to its normal beauty before I started into middle age without a lot of time consuming exercise on expensive machines. I didn’t have the time or the money for these. In just a few wraps I’ve gotten several benefits. I lost 10 inches the first time. The black shadows under my eyes have noticeably improved. The new shoes I couldn’t wear due to pain I can now wear and my feet are so happy to be able to wear them. My body is more comfortable. I’ve lost minimally more than 1-2 inches in tummy, thighs and arms, not to mention the other places. My outside thigh line is markedly straight compared to the way it was. My face looks younger. The cellulite is decreasing. My posture is better. I am accomplishing several goals with my body that were just hopeful dreams before.” S. W.

“I am writing to express my delight over what happened to me after I got wrapped! First of all, I lost twelve inches after two wraps, which I, of course, enjoyed very much. I have dieted and exercised and tried just about everything to lose weight and inches, and nothing has worked as fast or dramatically as the body wrap. I want to thank you for the noticeable inch loss. I will continue to get wrapped, and will spread the good word. Thanks again.” C. O.

“Thanks to The Body Wrap, I have lost over 18″ in just four wraps. The loss was mainly from the upper chest and abdomen areas. Thanks again and see you soon.” E. B.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is The Body Wrap?
A. The Body Wrap is a method for helping to visually slenderize and contour your body shape and visibly tighten your skin in only 60 minutes. It involves wrapping the body in porous elastic bandages soaked in a special mineral solution. The Body Wrap is applied firmly to areas needing inch loss and contouring and lightly where only skin tightening is desired. It is very healthful and relaxing.
Q. Why does it work?
A. Waste, chemicals, stress, medication and pollution in our environment overload body systems and cause water retention and soft spongy cellulite-ridden tissue. Our minerals and proven wrapping techniques compact and firm the body quickly.
Q. What is in The Body Wrap Solution?
A. Although the solution formula is secret we can tell you that it is composed entirely of food grade inorganic minerals and distilled water, all of which may be taken internally.
Q. Is The Body Wrap a heat or sauna type treatment?
A. NO. Although the wraps are applied warm, your body will feel cool. For your comfort, a poncho is put on you to help you retain your own body heat.
Q. How long does it take to get a body wrap?
A. Allow a total of 2 to 2 1/2 hours for your first wrap. You are in your wrap for only 60 minutes; the extra time is for measuring, weighing, bra fitting, wrapping, unwrapping and re-measuring. Subsequent wraps take less than 2 hours as you don’t need to repeat certain preparatory steps.
Q. Who will The Body Wrap help?
A. Anyone who wants to tone and tighten their skin. People with overly dry or rough skin. People with loose skin due to weight changes or from pregnancy. Men and women who want to look terrific fast! Anyone who wants to look and feel younger.
Q. What do I wear while I am wrapped?
A. Women are wrapped in a bra and panties (no girdles, please, as they make accurate measurements impossible). Bring a change of underwear because what you are wrapped in will be wet. Men are wrapped in swim trunks they bring with them.
A. Before we wrap you, measurements are taken of various parts of the body (hips, calves, waist, midriff, abdomen, upper arms, etc.) and recorded on your own personal record chart with notes as to where you want to lose inches or contour. After the wrap you are re-measured and the difference of your measurements are added to determine “total inch loss.”
Q. How many wraps will I need?
A. That depends on several things: The results you seek, the amount of loose skin you have, how active you are in your wrap, (it’s advised you do mild aerobic motions while you are wrapped) your commitment to any necessary weight loss program, etc. To maximize your results you need to get in once or twice a week until your skin looks tighter, you are satisfied you look great in and out of your clothes, then it just takes a few times a year for maintenance. We wrap 2, 3 or 4 times a day if time is a factor; i.e., weddings, reunions, photo shoots, etc.
Q. What do I need to know?
A. Common sense says that if you have medical problems you should always obtain your doctor’s permission before you try anything new or different. The Body Wrap is no exception.
Q. What will The Body Wrap do for my skin?
A. Our Patrons report that their skin appears smoother and tighter after wrapping. In fact, we have many Patrons who do not need to lose inches but need skin tightening because of weight loss or aging. Others are wrapped to tighten skin that has loosened over the years.
Q. What will The Body Wrap do for cellulite?
A. As you probably know, cellulite is water-logged fatty tissue. One of the first things women with this problem report is a visible improvement in the cellulite dimples and ripples within the first few wraps. Results, however, can be seen from the very first wrap.
Q. What is Body Sculpturing?
A. Body Sculpturing is the art of wrapping and shaping in the same process. When we wrap you, we not only improve overall size but contour as well. We have found that the body functions better in an aesthetically perfect shape.
Q. I have large hips, & thighs. The rest of my body is okay. Can you help me?
A. YES. We can do a great deal for those problems because the body wrap helps to bring the body into correct proportion. Many women with heavy hips, thighs and legs (and men with heavy midsections) are water retainers. The wrap itself may assist with this problem but we can also provide you with good, general, non-medical things to do at home on a day to day basis. We help you understand the causes of water retention so YOU can control it.
Q. I am a water retainer...what will The Body Wrap do for me?
A. Water retainers usually have disproportionately large hips, thighs and/or legs, etc. They also have a problem with bloating and swelling. Studies show strenuous dieting seldom helps. The Body Wrap tends to slenderize these problem areas. It is important to be wrapped once or twice a week regularly during weight loss so that you can keep your skin tight. The Body Wrap helps reduce swelling and bloating and is vital in a program to control water retention.
Q. What about problem spots?
A. Many Patrons with basically good bodies have problems in only a few areas. In such cases we wrap the problem spots firmly to make these areas slimmer and the rest of the body lightly to tighten skin and improve shape only. If we are only wrapping for loss in a few spots, we do not guarantee a 6 inch loss, * but we will take as much as possible off those spots.
Q. Will I be in a state of fatigue or feel tired or depressed after my wrap?
A. On the contrary, you feel VERY good after a wrap. Most Patrons tell us it leaves them feeling relaxed, energized, clean and very tight.
Q. How much weight will I lose?
A. The Body Wrap was designed to take off inches rather than pounds. If you lose any weight it’s a bonus.